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25. května 2011 v 18:01 | M. |  Inspiration
Hey ♥ After long time I bring you and inspiration article... but today is it a little
bit different. It's an article about Happiness, or how can you get a drunk of happiness,
when you are sad or something like that :). So, check it out :). (By the way... sorry
for mistakes :D)

At first - Friends. What is better for bad mood than if you meet your friends? I thing that
nothing! With your friends... you can go out, you can open up to them and tell them your
problem, you can laugh with them, you can make some crazy things, or you can do video or
go and take some new photos .... Friends are the best medicine for your bad mood :).

At second I can say dancing! :) Dancing is one of the best things that you can do when
you are sad, angry or bored. Don't worry about whether you can dance or not, just dance.
Trust me, it helps you :).
Lady Gaga, RiRi or Beyonce are a good choice for dance ;).

Next thing is singing (by the way i'm totally horrible singer! :D Haha :D). It sounds maybe
a little bit crazy, but it isn't! :) Singing help you get all the emotions out! :) Miley Cyrus,
Christina Aguilera, The Pretty Reckless, One Night Only, that's totally up to you! :).

If you want to be happy, you must can (at least sometimes) "turn off" your brain and stop
thinking about the things, that makes you unhappy. Stay optimistic!

6. MIKA!
I don't know people, who doesn't like Mika! He's so crazy and his songs makes me smile.
If you don't know him, here's his video :).

If you have Boyfriend/Girlfriend... go for him/her and give him/her a kiss. Nobody knows
actually why, but it have some magical power, that makes you smile O:)

Go, and watch your favorite comedy or watch some funny videos on YouTube ;).

Shopping don't need a comment! :D

I don't care about your diets or whatever. Little piece of chocolate doesn't kill anybody
yet! :)

So, this is me and my tips for happiness :) What about you and your tips? :)

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Mišul Mišul | Web | 25. května 2011 v 18:07 | Reagovat

Oh! I love these sponge bob t-shirts! I wanna the yellow one! and dancing.. big part of my life.. i love zumba =D..
btw." love ur english article! I wanna more articles like this one!!!!!

2 Brunette Brunette | Web | 25. května 2011 v 18:51 | Reagovat

Honey, you haven't fourth place, but it doesn't metter. :D ♥ I love my friends, too, piano playing, listening to music, dancing, reading, watching movies, ... and on not last post I love reading your blog. ♥ (sooorry for mistakes! :D)

3 »_MiSs_AsHlEynkA* »_MiSs_AsHlEynkA* | Web | 26. května 2011 v 12:17 | Reagovat

noo joo ale podľa mňa to nenaprávi :( :D

4 Chloë Chloë | Web | 26. května 2011 v 16:04 | Reagovat

spongebob <33

5 Adéls Adéls | Web | 26. května 2011 v 18:18 | Reagovat

dokonalý trička!

6 adéélka adéélka | 14. prosince 2011 v 11:13 | Reagovat

nejlepšíí ;* <3

7 SonjaDAY SonjaDAY | E-mail | Web | 1. února 2012 v 8:16 | Reagovat

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